Hep Audrey Unique Handmade Jewellery Artisan Photo
Our designers constantly stay abreast of the market trends in jewellery and work passionately to produce unique, one of a kind pieces. You will find all our collections have a distinct design style and handwriting. The designers start by creating inspiration/design boards that focus on the story behind the piece. This is followed by detailed product sketches. The design process is iterative and the sketches are improved until the end product is of a high standard.
Once approved, the products go into production. The most suitable gemstones and metal are then handpicked for the product. Our artisans take over at this stage. All our products are either fully or part handmade. The product design, spec and desired price point for the end product determine the right way to go for each product. For instance, our Hema Collection is fully hand made. Meanwhile, the other collections are part handmade to deliver the right look and finish!
At Hep Audrey, we pride ourselves in creating a meaningful assortment with unique designs. As customers, you will find the product designs range from quirky to classic. This is intentional! We do not wish to be a one-tone jewellery brand. We are here to offer you choice, variety and personality through our products. We are having fun with the product ideation and manufacturing process... We hope you have fun wearing them!