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At Hep Audrey, we have a great collection of gemstone jewellery. We believe that gemstones add colour and life to your look! The right gemstones matched with the right outfit add instant sparkle to your profile. Gemstones are really nuanced and the colours, cuts, shapes etc add personality and individuality to the pieces. As you probably know, gemstones are classified into precious and semi-precious gemstones. Diamonds, rubies, sapphire and emeralds are considered precious gemstones. The rest are all semi-precious. We stock products that cover most of the gemstones both precious and semi-precious. Gemstones are graded by colour, clarity, cut and carat (weight). Be sure to pick the colour that suits your face, complexion and outfits. Explore our product range below:

Amethyst - Shop Amethyst earrings and pendant chains here 

Chalcedony - Shop Chalcedony earrings and pendant chains here

Citrine (Left) Shop Citrine earrings and pendant chains here

Corundum Shop Corundum earrings and pendant chains here


Hep Audrey Gemstone Jewellery 2


Diamond Shop Diamond earrings and pendant chains here

Garnet - Shop Garnet earrings and pendant chains here

Moonstone - Shop Moonstone earrings and pendant chains here

Onyx - Shop Onyx earrings and pendant chains here

Pearl - Shop Pearl earrings and pendant chains here

Peridot (Left)Shop Peridot earrings and pendant chains here 

Rose Quartz - Shop Rose Quartz earrings and pendant chains here 


Ruby (Left)Shop Ruby necklace here

Sapphire - Shop Sapphire earrings here

Tanzanite - Shop Tanzanite earrings here 

Topaz - Shop Topaz earrings and pendant chains here

Tourmaline - Shop Tourmaline earrings, necklace and pendant chains here

Turquoise - Shop Turquoise earrings here 


Gemstones are also used to represent the month of birth or the year of the wedding anniversary. Birthstones are worn as jewellery to maximise their effect on the person. Birthstone jewellery makes a great and thoughtful choice of gift for a loved one. Check out the birthstone chart here.