Hema Selvaraj Hep Audrey Jewellery Brand Founder

All That Glitters Is...
A word about me - I am Hema, the founder of Hep Audrey. For the uninitiated, Hema means Gold in Sanskrit. Originally from South India, I have made the UK my home over the last 15+ years. With Hep Audrey. I have tried to combine my Eastern and Western sensibilities to create a truly unique product offering. They say, “what comes from the heart, goes to the heart”. I truly hope this is the case with Hep Audrey!
Red-Carpet Ready Fashion
I like the story of the go-getter. The one whose reach exceeds her grasp! In following my dreams across continents, I have learnt that we are all stars of our own life story! We too have earned that place in the red-carpet… So, the inspiration behind Hep Audrey is to create beautiful jewellery that promises red-carpet ready fashion for the everywoman. It is a celebration of originality, spirit and spunk!
Elegance in Simplicity
I am a strong proponent of the 'less is more' philosophy. In that spirit, the underlying theme across all the Hep Audrey products is understated elegance and undisputed beauty. All product designs are delicate and feminine made from high-quality metals like Sterling Silver or Gold and feature only handpicked natural gemstones for all our products. Stunning designer jewellery at affordable prices – this is the brand promise.
Be Your Sparkly Best
The Hep Audrey product range is eclectic, versatile and suited for all days. What's more, you can even mix and match individual pieces across the collections to complete your look. My vision is to support you as a trusted friend through all the key life events. The Corona Collection is intended for everyday use, work wear and nights out whereas the Artisan Collection is designed to reflect hobbies and interests. Meanwhile, the Hema Collection and Aurora Collection are aimed at special occasions. Whatever your shopping trigger, I really hope you are empowered to ‘Be your sparkly best” at all times!
Thanks for reading.
Best wishes,
Hema (pronounced Hey-ma)