The Power of Gemstones: Amazing Healing Tools

Founder's Note: Here at Hep Audrey, we want to help you 'Be your sparkly best'! In this spirit, we enjoy publishing opinions and perspectives from accomplished women who are experts in their fields. Here, the amazing Tanya shares her insights on gemstones as healing tools!

I can’t remember exactly when I was first introduced to gemstones, yet I do know that they have been an integral part of my personal and professional life for over twenty years. I was never ‘into fashion’, so my attraction to gemstones is not aesthetic; it is ‘spiritual’ (my spirit is inexplicably drawn to gemstones). I consciously use – not wear – gemstones based on their healing properties, which can be emotional, mental, spiritual and physical – yes physical! Some gemstones actually aid in digestion, blood flow, and even influence weight loss! 

Gemstones are the real deal on various levels… And, for a Spiritual Intuitive like me, they have become healing, empowering and life-saving. I first started using gemstones when I began giving intuitive readings. A friend of mine, who was very familiar with gemstones, mentioned the Clear Quartz to ‘heighten intuition’. She then gave me a book (Love Is in The Air: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals) that contained an expansive collection of gemstones and detailed information on each. This became my ‘Bible’ in a sense. It has truly transformed my life. Here, I share my experiences with a few gemstones based on my personal journey of discovery, practice and resultWhilst the list is not exhaustive, I hope it gives you useful pointers to help understand the power of gemstones.

Intuitive Development

I regularly meditate with the Clear Quartz in my hand or on my Ajna (forehead area, slightly above the eyebrows, which is location of the ‘third eye’ chakra or ‘energy center’) to strengthen intuitive energy, to influence logical/rational thinking, and/or to strengthen the properties of the other gemstones I may be using. To inspire a calm state before and during meditation, I hold a piece of Amethyst in my hand – either hand – or sometimes place it on my Ajna in place of the Clear Quartz. This purple wonder promotes inner peace, facilitates spiritual connectivity or Higher Consciousness, and enhances intuition.  I find that these two gemstones not only worked well during my intuitive development, I often use this duo when I am preparing for a session. 

Emotional Healing

Life hurts doesn’t it? And so because my ‘soul purpose’ (my spiritual obligation to God for granting me this life-experience) is ‘to assist in the healing of others’, guess what I had to do? Heal. The enlightening and clarifying Clear Quartz then became accompanied by the Rose Quartz (influences emotional healing, compassion and sensitivity to others, enables the wearer to give and receive unconditional love) and Sodalite (encourages or promotes truthful communication) to round out the trio of ‘primary healing tools’ I would use during my healing journey. I find their natural properties influence a willingness to go deep, to accept what has occurred, to be self-forgiving, and of course, to heal. However, as healing is a process and not an event, I encountered some challenges, setbacks, and pitfalls. Enter the Rutilated Quartz. Whoa! This gemstone was exactly what I needed when I needed it! It aids in letting go of the past and promotes forgiveness. However, the past has its own ‘strength’; and so to challenge it, I enlisted my March birthstone, Bloodstone, for its influence or promotion of courage and strength. And just to make sure I was practicing self-compassion during the healing process, I also meditated with Aquamarine (the other March birthstone) for its calming effect. Once I felt ‘stable’, I no longer needed the Rutilated Quartz, Bloodstone, nor the Aquamarine as I was no longer vulnerable to regression and had committed to the process. Still, when I’m focused on accomplishing a particularly challenging goal, I will wear Bloodstone in my navel just for an extra boost of courage.


I’m an Empath, I can feel what another feels; and so I often carry Obsidian or Hematite (protective, grounding stones) with me when I am in public to keep me ‘safe’ from the heaviness of the emotions of others. And when I find myself feeling uneasy for no reason, the comforting Moonstone never disappoints! Meanwhile, the Crazy Lace Agate (the ‘happy stone’) aids in the release or transformation of tense energy if I can’t find my trusty sidekick, the Moonstone. Occasionally, I will wear or carry Onyx – in addition to the Moonstone; it is also a protective stone yet it also promotes the release of negative energy. Did you catch that? Sometimes, you will need to not only protect yourself against negative energy, but you will also have to release the negative energy you are harboring. 

Higher Consciousness

I discovered Seraphinite by accident…or maybe not? This beautiful greenish-black or blackish-green stone caught my eye and I simply had to know what it would do for me. As it turns out, it is a stone used to connect to one’s Higher Self and to higher energies; it influences or promotes ‘higher consciousness’. Because I was also on a spiritual journey, I enthusiastically received this gemstone into my life and now, I wear it as a pendant almost every day. One of my favorite gemstones is Turquoise, which is truly a calming stone; it aids in accepting one’s self and forgiving others. How beautiful is that? Still I mostly use it for its ability to heighten intuition and promote a meditative state. 

The world of gemstones is expansive; it is a Universe all its own. Still while there are many gemstones to investigate, many offer the same benefits so don’t feel as if you have to break the bank to create your arsenal of healing tools. Assess yourself; do your research; then select the gemstones whose properties or influences are what you need at that time. Take care of your gemstones; after all, they are your ‘healing tools’. Clean them, charge/activate them, and place them in a place of love and respect (perhaps not just sitting on the dining room table or bedroom dresser?) When able, continue your gemstone healing by wearing jewelry that contains the gemstone(s) you need for that affair or occasion. In addition to being powerful healing tools (on various levels), gemstones are beautiful, characteristic, and alluring.

Venturing through the world of gemstones can not only add pizzazz to one’s fashion sense; the journey can also lead to healing, self-discovery, enlightenment, and strengthened focusIf you think gemstones are only fashion accessories, you have another thought coming. For those who are sensitive to the energies of gemstones, you are in for a grand awakening for the power you didn’t know you had, can be discovered via the use of these invaluable, power-filled, unsuspecting ‘rocks’.  If the belief is present, the power will be invoked.


About the Guest Blogger: 

Tanya is a Spiritual Intuitive and Owner of Soul 2 Soul Conversations. The California-native has been giving psychic readings and intuitive counseling for over twenty-four years. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant, an Empath, and a Medium; and uses no tools to deliver accurate and detailed information, answers, and enlightenment to her clients.


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