The Birth of Hep Audrey

Welcome to our blog! After months of planning and development, we present to you our baby, Hep Audrey. Hep Audrey is an ecommerce-based jewellery retail business that specialises in Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold jewellery. Here we share our journey of creating the business from scratch. It has been an immensely satisfying adventure for us so far and we truly hope it gives you a glimpse into our aspirations and sensibilities.

The Idea: Once in a blue moon…

Most of us might remember the 31st of January 2018 as the last day of the first month of the year. We, at Hep Audrey, will always remember the day (or night) as the exact moment the business idea was born! You see the 31st of January was a super moon, a full moon sky when the moon is closest to the earth (offering a vantage view of the moon’s magnificence). In this case, also a blue moon as it was the second full moon of the month. What’s more, it was also a lunar eclipse. I am told the UK experienced a blue moon lunar eclipse after 150 years on the 31st. Special! Gazing at the moon formed the inspiration for our Corona Collection, featuring a simple design of a semi-precious gemstone set on sterling silver. The beauty and radiance of the gemstones speak for themselves, much like the moon!

The Customers: People will come!

This set of a chaotic chain reaction of thoughts and the whole thing fell into place swiftly. As we wondered how to build a customer base, we simply relied on the philosophy of the little girl in the movie ‘Field of Dreams’. If you build it, they will come! It helps to keep things simple when we are taking a leap of faith. In any case, a good product will sell itself! And, so we began developing the solution in right earnest. From the beginning, we were clear that we would place the customer at the heart of the brand. Some brands are built around the founder of the company, some are built on the products and others are based on the company’s aspiration. Ours is all about the customer – Hep Audrey is a persona we have created to represent the customer. She is fun, stylish and strong! We really hope our creation touches the customer’s heart with the honesty with which it is delivered!

The future: Well begun is half done!

Well, we are here now! We look forward to serving you in the days to come. We sincerely hope you like our products and collections. They have been curated carefully to create a sense of easy, affordable fashion. And, we welcome all your patron, feedback and good vibes! As they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

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