Summer Style Edit: Refreshing Gemstone Jewellery

We all know that summer is much more than the long sunny days and the school holidays. Here in Britain, it is the season of music festivals, beach holidays and glamping. It is also the time for you to bring out your sundresses, wedge heels and colour gemstone jewellery. Time to channel your inner diva! Everything from your wardrobe to accessories comes alive with colour this time of the year. At Hep Audrey, we believe that the jewellery you wear can add a splash of freshness to your summer outfits and contribute to a well put together look. Those admiring glances are never far away! Here are some great gemstone jewellery picks from Hep Audrey that you can wear to stand out this summer.

Serene Moonstone Hep Audrey Serene Moonstone Jewellery

Moonstone is one of the most versatile gemstone jewellery options with its clear finish and vibrant hues. It is believed to bring balance and empowerment to the wearer along with calmness of mind and soul. Our Corona Sterling Silver Chandelier Earrings With Rainbow Moonstone is perfect for the long nights by the beach or the glamourous evenings in the summer cruise. These chandelier earrings have great movement besides the stunning colours and will be amazing on the dance floor! Yeah yeah, Abba were right... You can sing, you can jive having the time of your life!!!



Hep Audrey Summer Designer Gemstone Jewellery
Delicate Rose Quartz

Pink is the colour of universal love - love of oneself and of others. Summer is the time to spend quality time with the ones we love. Many of us have memories of a summer romance that we will cherish for a long time! Rose Quartz is a delightfully delicate gemstone and is believed to bring love and trust to the recipient. Our Aurora Delicate Rose Quartz And Peridot Pendant With Chain will be a great addition to your jewellery box for the summer. It's fresh, multistone design will glamourise any outfit. So, we truly hope you are tickled pink this summer!




Hep Audrey Leaf Shaped Peridot Gemstone Jewellery with Fruit 

Refreshing Peridot

This stunning green gemstone adds a touch of sparkle to any outfit. Known to be relaxing and joyful, Peridot goes well with all outfits including dresses, skirts and trousers. Our Artisan Bold Leaf & Fruit Sterling Silver Earrings With Peridot will be great for those long hikes and picnics by the river. You can commune with nature in our delightful leaf shaped earrings featuring peridot. As Aristotle said, "In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous". We couldn't agree more!



Hep Audrey Designer Gemstone Jewellery for the Summer

Bright Citrine
The colours of summer are incomplete without the bright Citrine that radiates warmth with its unique hue and texture. Citrine is a very popular gemstone for the summer. Wearing Citrine almost feels like taking the sun with you! It is known to encourage adventure, increase willpower and give you strength to achieve your dreams. As they say, Citrine certainly brightens up your life. Our Aurora Citrine And Pink Tourmaline Pendant With Chain is one of a kind and will empower you whilst retaining your playfulness. Go dazzle them!


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