Shine & Sparkle - Enhance Your Inner Beauty

Founder's Note: Here at Hep Audrey, we want to help you 'Be your sparkly best'! In this spirit, we enjoy publishing opinions and perspectives from accomplished women who are experts in their fields. Here, the vivacious Alison shares her views on inner beauty! 

How will you change your perception of beauty this summer? Beauty on the outside is guaranteed if we take care of our beauty on the inside. We take for granted that we can prettify ourselves on the outside and it’s true that with gorgeous jewellery such as the pieces created at, the job becomes so much easier. Sometimes, however, we need to dig a little deeper to find the root to our true beauty and this is where my expertise comes into its own. True beauty comes from within as we often hear and the embellishments we add on the outside can brighten up the way we feel on the inside. 

My name is Alison Mimi B and I work at My role as health guru means that I get to help clients look at many different ways of improving and maintaining health and wellness. I truly believe that health and wellness starts in the kitchen; so that is where the education starts. With so many people unable to navigate their way around the kitchen these days, this is the area where we need to do the groundworkAt the we teach how to maximise the good food and minimise the not so good stuff It’s all a matter of choice and knowledge is power. We aim to empower each and every academy member to make the right choices every time because small improvements, when combined, make for huge changes. It is then that we see changes on the outside. Our bodies respond when we give them the right conditions but sometimes that can be the hardest thing. Most disease is caused by imbalances in the gut, which cause inflammation in the body. 

In all my years in the health industry, I never met anyone who needed less nutrition so I advocate healthy eating and using a select number of supplements. I have been using these personally on a twice daily basis and not only are they super effective at boosting nutritional uptake they also reduce inflammation in the body. Bringing out our inner beauty comes easier when our skin, thoughts and bodies are clear of toxins and impurities. We need to take care of ourselves at a deeper level than we imagine. I also advocate the daily use of essential oils and I use only the purest ones available. They help to manage our exposure to toxins. After all, an increased exposure to toxins means an increased exposure to ageing and illness. 

The summer always helps us to feel better. The sunshine, longer days and warm air all serve to make us feel better. It’s amazing how much more relaxed we feel when we kick off our shoes and connect with our loved ones and Mother Earth. Put simply, we need to download and one of my top tips for an instant boost to your well being is to kick off your shoes, place your feet on the ground and soak up the benefits. Bliss! As I said, beauty on the outside follows if we take care of our beauty on the inside. 


If you’d like to know more about how to increase your body’s defences to toxins please contact me at and take a look at 


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