How to make every day outfits look like luxury fashion!

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Weekdays at the office. Weekend brunch with the girls. Marathon shopping expeditions. Family picnics in the park. No matter where life takes you, it's easier than you think to look high-end and totally pulled together all the time. We're out to prove that everyday fashion definitely doesn't need to be frumpy or lacklustre! There's no reason why you can't look like a million bucks every single day. Here are some simple tips to take your everyday wardrobe to the next level of luxe.

Minimalistic matters.                       

Choose essential pieces in great cuts and minimalistic/monochromatic shades. Solid whites, blacks, and greys are timeless choices that look more luxe than lots of colors and too much pattern. We're not saying to rule out color and pattern altogether, but there's just something so expensive looking about solids in neutral colors. If you need a little something extra to go with your neutral, minimalistic outfit, add a pair of sparkly gemstone earrings, a colorful manicure or a bold handbag.

Think about the fabric.                    

A cheap poly blend is easy to spot. Select beautiful, durable, good quality fabrics like bamboo, silk, pure cotton, cashmere and wool whenever possible. If your skirt is a blend and isn't the best quality fabric, pair it off with a silk blouse. Or maybe your top is a little on the flimsy side? Add a soft cashmere cardigan overtop or a tailored pair of linen pants and you're good to go. Of course, it's best if all your pieces are made of fine fabric, but if you have to wear some lesser-quality pieces, mixing in luxurious, pricier fabrics can work wonders. That’s because the eye immediately wanders to the more expensive fabric.

Find yourself a good tailor.               

Tailoring can take an outfit from an ill-fitting nightmare to a customised dream. Basic pieces get a luxury makeover when they're tailored perfectly for your body. It says “this was made for me”, and that gives off expensive vibes. There's something so put-together about an outfit that is expertly tailored. It shows that you’re invested in what you wear and makes your wardrobe look markedly more luxurious.

Mix in designer accessories.       

Mixing smaller designer pieces with your outfit will give an air of luxury without breaking the bank. A designer scarf around your handbag or neck brings an instant posh vibe. Adding a sleek designer belt to a great pair of jeans paired with a tucked-in, well-made t-shirt and a fitted blazer screams “I'm casual right now, but I mean business.” A classic pearl necklace says “I am utterly classic and can drop some elegant luxury into any outfit”. It's all in the details- paying attention to the finishing touches can take an ensemble from decent to dazzling.

Invest in a versatile designer handbag.   

Speaking of handbags, they're instrumental in taking the luxe factor up for any everyday outfit. It's worth the splurge to get yourself a drop dead gorgeous designer handbag that goes well with a variety of outfits. This pulls the entire look together and will make you look like a luxury queen even in a t-shirt and jeans!

Get your beauty game on point.      

When you put your best face forward, you always look more classy. Take care of your skin with the right skincare and makeup. Taking care of your face and hair instantly makes you look more attractive. A good blowout and well-maintained colour go a long way, as do expertly groomed brows.

Seize the shades

A posh pair of sunglasses is cheaper than a designer outfit and has a classic, slightly mysterious effect that can take an outfit from good to fabulous. No matter what you're wearing, shades are functional and fashionable when you put thought into the designer and your facial shape. The right high-end sunglasses will say “I'm high class and also mysterious. Keep your eyes on me.”

Scent of a woman

Whether you're a floral femme or a fruity fan, a luxury signature scent is like the icing on the cake of any outfit, adding opulence with just a spritz or two. Most luxury designers have at least one signature fragrance these days, so choose a high-end scent that suits you. Invest in an expensive fragrance and watch heads turn, no matter what you're wearing. You can smell a cheap perfume a mile away (and not in a good way!), but a luxury perfume always leaves a lovely lasting impression.

Don't forget the jewellery!

We touched down on this in our point about accessories, but jewellery deserves its own category. A simple pair of earrings in gold or sterling silver instantly ups the ante in terms of luxury. Delicate adornments in fine metals complement everyday outfits perfectly. If you like to make more of a statement, choose one piece only to avoid overkill, and make sure that even if it's a statement piece, it's not too over the top. Too much jewellery lacks the look of sophistication and can very easily take on a messy appearance- which is the opposite of the luxury vibe you want.

Now get out there and show the world the savvy luxury fashion queen you are!

About the guest blogger: Jon is the Senior Director of Opulent Jewelers, where you can find guaranteed authentic vintage and luxury jewelry pieces. Our goal at is to make buying and selling authentic, designer jewelry as easy and secure as possible.

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