Forget the Dress & Rings - it’s Markle’s Sparkle & Style setting this Royal Wedding apart!

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Let’s face it, Royal Wedding fever has taken. Whether we want to or not, you cannot miss it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted for the couple, but you simply cannot turn a corner without a paper covering it, open a browser without a related ad and don’t even get me started on Facebook! Interestingly though whilst there’s of course some speculation out there it’s generally information that the couple are providing.


From Speculation on Rings to Solid Gold Facts

In Royal Weddings of the past we would have been hearing speculation around the dress, the designer, the rings, the flowers but this time it’s different. Sure, there’s the occasional article about these topics and some speculation of course, but it’s so much more driven by the facts that we know. How do we know them this time? The couple are sharing them! They are owning their journey and details that are part of it, then letting us know them along the way, allowing us to be part of their experience.

Now, let’s not be misled. This is a PR dream and they are making the most of that, however, what still seems to ring true is that Meghan and Harry are in control. They have been able to focus on topics that are close to them and because they’re sharing we’re accepting.


Independent Style & Substance

This whole journey has been, similar to Meghan’s fashion, simple and stylish. From the ‘messy bun’ to the republishing of her speech at UN Women, a clear course of fun with responsibility has been set. We get to see her as a strong, articulate, independent woman and also a loving and loved individual. A woman who knows her own mind and demonstrates this through what she says and what she does.

Rather than sticking solidly to protocol Meghan sets her own style with what seems like effortless elegance. Her mini black suede clutch adorned with a tiger head clasp from Gucci that she used in April may have stuck to Royal etiquette, but it looks like a choice she made to pair perfectly with the sleek Jackie O-inspired dress rather than following rules.

Even with her jewellery she combines passion with purpose supporting independent jewellers who focus on creating beautiful pieces by hand. The results we get to see through her subtle necklaces, stacked rings and almost always sparkly earrings.

Every choice is still considered though. There are elements that Meghan has had to learn, taught either by her new family, one would imagine especially Kate, or bringing in experts for certain areas. The key thing is that none of these things seem to change the essence of Meghan, or Harry and their relationship come to that. They remain true and authentic, something constantly sought after these days.


From Wedding Day to Every Day – Bringing Values to Life

Harry and Meghan have continued and built on the journey William and Kate, or even William and Harry, began.  As a nation we have seen a gentle relax in Royal tradition, they are stepping out the box, making them more relatable and true, whilst still maintaining the qualities we would expect from a Royal family.

This is a trend for authenticity we are seeing across the globe and I hope you are taking part in it too. They have found a way to do what they must whilst embracing what’s true to them. They honour themselves and live their values whilst still delivering on their responsibilities.


Don’t forget, owning your own journey and being true to yourself isn’t something held out for the Royals. In fact, I’d love to hear your thoughts on just that!

What 3 values do you try to live through and show? ///  How do you stay true to you?

Do let me know in the comment section below, or if you’ve got anything to add. I’ll make sure we reply to everyone who shares with us.


From our Guest Blogger - Beth Hale

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