Birthstone of the Month (November) - Citrine

“Citrine carries the power of the sun! Everything about Citrine emanates positivity and joy in life.” 

Who doesn’t love Citrine? One of the most sparkly gemstones, Citrine is the birthstone for November. November’s birthstone, Citrine, is the variety of quartz which varies in color from pale yellow to brownish orange. The name is taken from the citrus fruit because of the gemstone's lemon-inspired shades. Citrine has been adored by mankind since ancient times. The gemstones are a symbol of positivity and joy in life. It is also recognized as the “healing quartz” for its ability to comfort, calm and soothe. It releases negative feelings, sparks imagination, and manifests fresh beginnings. 

Citrine is produced by heating a lesser expensive variety of quartz, including smoky quartz and amethyst, to produce yellow gems. Citrine comes with yellow hues which are caused by traces of iron in the quartz crystals. It is rarely available in nature. Hence, most of the Citrine in the market is made by heat treating other varieties of quartz usually the more common, less expensive purple amethyst and smoky quartz to produce golden gems. Brazil is the largest supplier of Citrine Gemstone. Other sources include Bolivia, Spain, Russia, France, Madagascar and the U.S. (Colorado, California and North Carolina). Different geographies yield different shades of Citrine Gemstones.

Citrine is one of the most admired and less expensive gemstones. They can be worn to mark formal occasions or used for everyday wear! The exceptional way to benefit from the energies of Citrine is to wear them on your body. Citrine makes an elegant piece of jewellery including pendants, necklace, earrings, bracelets and rings. Wearing Citrine rings and earrings will help you to think clearly and unleash your creativity and imagination. You can find the Hep Audrey selection of Citrine here


Actress Greta Garbo possessed Art Deco pieces comprising of large Citrine gemstones!

Have a lovely Citrine month ahead and, Happy Birthday to those born in November!


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