Birthstone of the Month (July) - Ruby

"Work on your strong qualities and become resplendent like the ruby". - Rumi

Rubies rock! One of the 4 precious gemstones, the ruby is the birthstone for the month of July. It is also given to mark the 15th and 40th anniversaries of marriage. Ruby gets its name from the Latin word ‘rubeus’ meaning red. Rubies are fluorescent and sparkly. They are a variety of the mineral called corundum. They get the red colour from the element chromium. The more the chromium content, the stronger the red colour. Needless to say, rubies are often associated with passion and life vitality due to their colour. They are said to bring success in love and good health.

Rubies are naturally found in parts of South East Asia and Africa. The Mogok mines in Myanmar have been a significant source of rubies for more than 5 centuries. Mogok is a fascinating city in the midst of a mountain, lake and Buddhist temples. Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania are other important producers of rubies. New sources like Montepeuz are prolific and are providing a steady supply of high quality rubies.

Ruby is a tough and long lasting gemstone. It will survive everyday wear effortlessly. Although suitable for special occasions especially weddings due to their high price points, rubies can also be worn to work and other less formal occasions. Also, they can be paired with most outfit choices. It goes without saying that they make great gifts! They are also great family heirloom jewellery items, passed from one generation to another. Most common jewellery types are necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. For inspiration, you can find the handmade ruby necklace from the Hema collection here.

Ruby Trivia: 
Dorothy wore ruby slippers in the Wizard of the Oz!

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