Birthstone of the Month (January) - Garnet

Garnet is a well-known symbol for love, strength, and safety.

Most people assume garnet to be a red gemstone, but in fact, it exists in different kinds of colors such as black, red and green. Garnet can be colorless too. The variety of colors it possesses comes from metals such as manganese, calcium, iron, and aluminum. Garnet is the birthstone for January yet with its lovely style of colors and its mystical powers it has also been gifted for all events. The Garnet stone is not only good for people born in January, but it is also connected with the astrological signs of Leo and Aquarius. It symbolizes a light heart, loyalty, passion, eternity and enduring affections. It helps you to be self-confident and achieve success in whatever you do. 

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Garnet derives its name from the fruit pomegranate as it somewhat resembles the red seeds of the fruit. They are commonly found as small pebbles in streams, formed by the metamorphic rocks. They’re found in many places around the world, including South and North America, Australia, Asia, India, and Spain. The gemstone has been popular since the Bronze Age. Ancient warriors believed that garnets brought victory and they used garnet as protection against accidents and wounds during their journeys. Evidence of garnet gemstone jewellery dating to the Bronze Age was found in ancient graves. 

Garnet is one of the most admired and affordable gemstones for everyone. Garnet makes elegant pieces of jewellery like pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. They can be worn as a mark to rejoice formal occasions or used for everyday wear. Wearing garnet jewellery will help you to feel cheerful, loved, secure and healthy. Garnets gemstones were thought to be connected to blood and were assumed to have medicinal powers offering protection against wounds, bad dreams, depression and poisons. 

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The Hunzas in Kashmir used garnet bullets against the British in 1892, hoping that garnet was more lethal than lead!

Have a lovely Garnet month ahead. And, Happy Birthday to those who are born in January!

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    I bought the White Chalcedony studs in the Corona Collection for my daughter from Hep Audrey. She adores them. Wish they made them in Garnet too as it is my daughter’s birthday month stone (January).

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