Birthstone of the Month (August) - Peridot

Fondly called the ‘Evening Emerald’ owing to its lime green colour that sparkles even under candlelight, peridot is the birthstone for the month of August. It is also given to mark the 16th anniversary of marriage. Peridot is a French word derived from the Latin word ‘faridat’ meaning gem. It is a gem variety of the mineral olivine and comprises of iron and magnesium. Iron content of less than 15% ensures the best coloured peridot stones. Needless to say, peridots are often associated with health and protection due to their vibrant green colour. They are also believed to ward off evil spirits and dispel negativity!

The majority of gemstones are formed deep inside the earth’s crust that are brought to the surface by volcanoes. A small minority were delivered to the earth by meteorites – extraterrestial! The earliest recorded mining of peridots was on an Egyptian island called Zabargad in the Red Sea. Apparently, they were only mined at night time as the stones sparkled at night. Rumour goes that Cleopatra’s enviable emerald collection was actually peridot! Current sources of the gemstone are Burma, Pakistan, Vietnam, China and The United States. The San Carlos Reservation in Arizona produces more than 80% of the world’s commercial gemstone.

Peridot is a soft gemstone that lends itself well to bezel set jewellery. We would highly recommend that they be handled with care. Most common jewellery types are earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. At Hep Audrey, we love the life affirming colour and clarity of the peridot so we have created a variety of designs and cuts using the gorgeous gemstone in our Artisan and Aurora collections. Explore our beautiful collection of peridot gemstone jewellery here.

Peridot Trivia: 
Guess which gemstone Napolean gifted Josephine to symbolise his love for her?!

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