'Be Your Sparkly Best' Contest - November 2018


What does "Be Your Sparkly Best" mean to you? Come and share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below for your chance to win the November 2018 contest!

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  • Be yourself. Be creative. The most original answer will win the prize!
  • This is a global contest. We welcome inputs from everyone in the world!
  • The contest is open from the 14th of November to the 28th of November 2018.
  • The winner will be announced on the 30th of November on all our social media channels.
  • Please note the winner will be contacted by the email address provided below. 
  • We will dispatch the product to the winner of the contest on the 1st of December. Shipping will be covered by Hep Audrey (free global shipping). 
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    • Posted by paula cheadle on

      these earrings are stunning

    • Posted by cassandra belford on

      “Be your sparkly best’” to me means to shine outward with the true self that’s hidden inside. We all walk around with a mask which changes at different times and situations , but it’s only when we shine from inside with love and goodness do we really remove the mask and show our true self. That is being our sparkly best!.

    • Posted by marie staunton on

      Be your sparkly best – shine like a diamond, live your life in the moment and always enjoy it and be happy.

    • Posted by Susan MArtin on

      Do your best that you can, it may not be the same as the next person, but you know that it is your best

    • Posted by Pete Baver on

      Love the idea of giving little silver chandeliers to my wife

    • Posted by Elaine Shaw on

      “Be your Sparkly Best” to me means, that you are be true to yourself, walk your own path, and shine your light in the world in whatever way you choose, do what lights you up, and open your heart to yourself as well as the world.

    • Posted by Benjamin on

      It means being awesome at all times. Really showing charisma and making everyone else’s day go smoothly. Today was a sparkly day. I’d really like to give these beautiful earings to my beautiful girlfriend, theyre so nice.

    • Posted by Jeanette Leighton on

      Be your sparkly best to me means to try and be the best mum I can to my children , sparkle and be happy hopefully they will sparkle and enjoy life as much as possible this is what I hope x

    • Posted by Paul Burnell on

      I need to earn some brownie points with my partner!

    • Posted by SCARLETT BRANNAN on

      Getting all dressed up and feeling great. What you wear can you give you such confidence – there’s nothing better than knowing you look amazing!

    • Posted by Jessica Barber on

      It means embracing yourself just as you are and allowing your inner soul light to shine through!

    • Posted by jackie beckett on

      It means being that happy caring soul that every one wants to be with . happiness is infectious

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