'Be Your Sparkly Best' Contest - January 2019


"All we need is Love!" Tell us why you think Heart shaped jewellery has such universal appeal for your chance to win the January 2019 contest! The product is an exquisite Interlocked Hearts Sterling Silver Bracelet featuring Garnet from our Amore Collection.

  • You can learn more about the prize product here
  • Be yourself. Be creative. The most original answer will win the prize!
  • This is a global contest. We welcome inputs from everyone in the world!
  • The contest is open from the 14th of January to the 28th of January 2019.
  • The winner will be announced on the 30th of January on all our social media channels.
  • Please note the winner will be contacted by the email address provided below. 
  • Shipping will be covered by Hep Audrey (free global shipping). 
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  • Posted by Miss Carla Chilley on

    Where ever you are in the world, it means the same thing. To kids and adults a like. Where ever your from or what ever your back ground, to recieve a heart reminds you that you are loved

  • Posted by Erica Martin on

    It is the dream of flawless, passionate love, the nurturing of a child, the beating of life and the memories of what we have and may have lost. Wrapping heart jewellery around ourselves reminds us of all that is worthwhile … always.

  • Posted by Tara Bush on

    Heart shaped jewellery is very special to all because everyone wants to be loved and to have someone to love back. Being lonely is no life!

  • Posted by Susan Johnson on

    A heart is a tactile shape and symbolises love and goodwill. Garnet is my birthstone

  • Posted by sharon timmins on

    You can love someone with all your heart , you can give heartfelt thanks , you can make a hand on heart promise to someone , your heart can burst with pride , you can make a heartfelt apology. These are just an example of how a heart can express what you want to say to somebody and this necklace would be such a beautiful way to say it

  • Posted by Natalie Gillham on

    Because it is the symbol of the emotional bond of Love that is so dear to us x

  • Posted by Alison Latham on

    Why does heart shaped jewellery have such universal appeal?
    Because a heart = life! We all have one! (Unless you’re Doctor Who, in which case you have two!!)

  • Posted by Karl Spires on

    We all know the heart as the sign of love – which of course it is – but it’s also the sign of life, so critical in everything that we do, supporting our body to be the best we can be. There’s also some scientific evidence of the heart having some of our personality in it, which I think fits perfectly into the ‘love heart’ that we all think of and that the jewellery represents.

  • Posted by Katie leavy on

    Because there is no simple reason behind hearts they mean love but have no exception could mean family love friends love or between couples they can mean different to everyone but everyone can relate as all people have some type of love in their life

  • Posted by Stephanie Gray on

    Because hearts are associated And always have been with love. Love makes the World go round. Love makes you happy And get that excitable feeling. A heart is the shape you can make with 2 hands together meaning connected.

  • Posted by Tracey Hallmark on

    Family, children and partners make your heart skip a beat and swell with pride so it’s natural that the heart shape will be associated with love

  • Posted by Christine Hall on

    Even the toughest people have hearts so it’s a way of showing love if they can’t find the words.

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