An Intro to the 4Cs of Gemstones

At Hep Audrey, we love colours. Hence, the focus on gemstones. Here, we offer an introduction to what has come to be known as the 4Cs of gemstones. The 4Cs correspond to colour, clarity, cut and caratage of the gemstones. These attributes were identified by the Gemological Institute of America and are widely used to determine the value of a gemstone.

  • Colour

Colour is probably the most important attribute of the gemstone as it relates to its value, yet the most subjective of all the attributes. Different people perceive colours visually in different ways. Further, the colour of the gemstone depends on how it absorbs and reflects light! That said, all the gemstones have a range of acceptable colours centred around their base colour. Typically, gemstone colour is composed of hue (the dominant colour), saturation (colour intensity) and tone (degree of lightness or darkness of the gemstone).

  • Clarity

As the name suggests, clarity of gemstones is the relative absence of blemishes and inclusions both internally and on the surface. Obviously, the fewer the blemishes, the higher the value of the stone. A gemstone like Tanzanite has almost nil inclusions whereas Emerald almost always has some. For this reason, there are specific clarity standards for the individual gemstones. Each variety of gemstone has its own clarity standards.

  • Cut

At Hep Audrey, we believe that the beauty of the gem is accentuated by the way it is cut. Typically, gemstones are cut into round, pear, marquise, oval and emerald cuts. A well cut gemstone will highlight the sparkle and optical properties of the stone. Check out our Corona Collection and Aurora Collection to see the different types of cuts.

  • Carat Weight

Gemstone size is measured by its weight. Carat is the unit to measure gemstone weight (1 carat = 0.2 grams). The weight of the gemstone is determined by the gravity and density of the mineral. With regards to the Hep Audrey products, we have disclosed the caratage for all our gemstone products in the Product Description section of the individual product page.

Hope you found out brief intro useful. The intention was to give you a sneak peek into our gemstone selection process for our jewellery. Please share your queries or feedback in the comments section.

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